Thursday, February 8, 2007

the weight of credit

warning: more pointless bitching about money below.

don't ever be stupid like me, and pay your credit card with the wrong bank account. in fact, if you can, don't even have multiple bank accounts. don't even have multiple credit cards.

after fussing over small details and researching credit scores and banking tips obsessively, i've come to terms with my owning more than 20 credit lines (including banks, loans, and credit cards.) supposedly it'll be good for me, provided i don't do stupid things that result in the bankers actually making money off of me. i wonder if in the long run, these little rewards programs - cash back for groceries, thankyou points, airline mileage - are worth it when you think of how much the risk of slipping up is multiplied.

but i think money definitely has too much weight on my mind.

i paid a $1180 credit card on the wrong bank account, and about 5 days afterwards i realized my main checking account still had the money in it - meaning my backup account now had -$1090 in it. that means i'll get hit with an overdraft fee, a returned check fee, a late credit payment fee, and the ~18% interest for the credit card. it HAD to be the >$1000 statement too. so i'm expecting $300 or so for fucking up. and probably some imp is going to come kick me in the balls just to spite me.

but so far once i've gotten the nerve to open my account again, it looks like the check i wrote to cover the negative money has gone through and only a $19 overdraft fee has been charged. maybe it's been short enough that the bank won't return the payment? i don't know. i can only hope. thinking this did make me noticeably more energetic than i was this morning though. however, if it still happens, i think i'll be kicked down to a new emotional low.

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