Friday, February 9, 2007

the real food network

i'm slowly liking anthony bourdain more and more:

he's the author of Kitchen Confidential, a bestseller originally "meant to be read only by actual chefs" and people in the trade. basically i think his selling point is that he's underground, old skool and a real chef. although i love the food network, it is more entertaining nowadays to hear him rip it apart, especially sandra lee:

"I find myself de-constructing the not-terrible shows, imagining behind the scenes struggles and frustrations, and obsessing unhealthily on the Truly Awful ones. Screaming out loud at Sandra Lee in disbelief as she massacres another dish, then sits grinning, her face stretched into a terrifying rictus of faux cheer for the final triumphant presentation"

the other day i was listening to NPR (now my favorite radio station) and heard this prolonged interview with him on some literary Lectures and stuff show. He also blasted rachel ray. i'm glad that in this guest blog (above), he gives credit to alton brown and bobby flay, who i love to watch. and maybe one day i'll go to one of his restaurants if he has any.

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