Saturday, February 24, 2007


I found Voltron episodes on the internet...and it brings back such memories! They were the ultimate team of space fighters...before there was power rangers, before gundam. i remember watching this as a little kid. yet my memory is somewhat fuzzy, because i seem to remember the songs and the starting sequence (when they attach to become voltron) in english. that must mean i watched it after i came to the us, because i definitely started watching Transformers in chinese when i was like 5.

voltron being an old, old cartoon, there are so many *funky* things about it. the plot isn't as smooth...although you look at any old cartoon (including disney and warner bros) and they kick the shit out of current cartoon network and nickelodean fare that our kids today watch. at least the artist would spend a bit of EFFORT in drawing a character back then. that's why my own character is so noble.

but notable points about voltron that you notice when you're old -
the weird russian guy with an indian accept -
pidge jumping 50 ft into the air to get to the window..maybe it's the low gravity
the public service announcement about vultures, with an immediate cue of psa music
the music that sounds like indiana jones
"we are space explorers, and we need space!"
king zarcon captures the five space explorers, then says "soon we will be rid of those pesky space explorers!"

ah, the classics of my generation. these are some of the other cartoons that we probably experienced right at the edge of cognisance - just enough time to vaguely remeber that we've seen a cartoon somewhere, but not yet old enough to completely understand or appreciate them.

He-Man and She-ra

Jem (yes i watched it on occasion. they were hot)


Flintstones (and Jetsons!) ahh, those hanna barbera cartoons

and that has eluded me for a long time but now is finally back into my mainstream memory...

Wheeled Warriors!!! I had this in a comic book from kmart originally.

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