Monday, February 5, 2007

blog rebirth

i've temporarily (?) moved my blog to blogger. the main reason is: during the winter months, the heating bill has risen so high that i'm inclined to actually keep my computer down unless i actually need it. blasphemy! the disadvantages to using a provider are that i can no longer host my images and videos directly off my harddrive. but, the advantages are that blogger will keep my website up 24/7, at no cost to my electric bill. and my apache server was too slow in uploading content anyways - you probably know this if you've ever tried to download any tkd videos from my site.

well, my website is still, since that's a paid domain name. based on the electricity bill, it may even be financially sound to pay $10/month for actual web hosting, if that's available. and since my neighbors seem to have an unsecure wireless, not sure how long that will last, it may even be worthwhile to cancel my internet subscription. though wireless can be unreliable and perhaps slower than i'd like.

but for now, this is an improvement to xanga! and a much more reliable source of hosting, so that you can continue to read all about my life without costing me a penny.

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