Tuesday, February 13, 2007

30 lbs in 30 days


actually, it's more like 15 lbs in 4 months. although this is a little premature, i thought i'd still share these somewhat shocking images. this is how my body changed from september 4, 2006 to february 12, 2007.

"satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!"

as you can see, i've lost a lot of gut. (my skinny pants are large on me now, hehe) and both pictures are of me not flexing or sucking in. on the left, i am 152 lbs, 5'5 3/4", brown eyes, black hair. and tan. on the right, i am 137 lbs, everything else the same except shorter hair, and obviously more pale. (but it could be the lighting conditions.)

it's really cool to see the whole sequence of images since september, which i've been constently taking, originally about twice a week (mon/thurs), then every day in january. i'm stil cutting though - collegiates is on march 24th or so, and i'll basically be maintaining 136 until then but hopefully gaining some muscle back and toning more.

i'd take pictures of my face too (it's cool to see how my hair changes) but i am extremely ugly in the morning, before makeup and hairstyling.

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