Wednesday, February 14, 2007

trip to orlando

this is going to be my attempt at logging the trip to orlando for US Open.

at 1:30 PM PMT, I am still sitting at my desk at work, because my flight isn't until 10:40 tonight. But the drama has already started for my teammates in boston - alicia, nathan, erica, master chuang, dan, lolo, and ana have all been stuck at the airport because of the most unfortunately timed snowstorm to hit boston. it began last night or this morning and now Logan airport is shut down for the next three days. unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they will be able to reopen, and the weather forecast has had headlines of "FURIOUS WINTER STORM POUNDING NORTHEAST" (not actually in caps).

i'm flying overnight so that i could meet up with them on thursday, which is when most of the people will be sparring. so if they manage to get out of town and to a not-snowed in airport, they'll still be able to fly in and weight in, maybe. i really hope they'll come - we have so much planned for Saturday and Sunday.

But the funny thing about being with a taekwondo team is this. at their gate, even though there were no attendants, there was a scale for weighing luggage. what did they do? each person stepped on to weigh himself just to make sure they were all under the cutoff. that's what taekwondoists do when they're stranded at an airport.

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