Saturday, June 2, 2007

editing videos with adobe premiere 2.0

it's really hard to make yourself edit six hours worth of sparring tapes. especially when theyre back logged from the past five years. that's why i took a smaller project today - the ihouse demo videos - and redid them, with some titles, some music, and some cuts. this was done for mike and the ucsd banquet, so i could show another video without much worry.

well, it was much more fun to edit, because it's a demo and most of the footage is meant to be interesting. and naturally there's a mix of footage, and not just sparring. boring, high level sparring. with a few tracks of music, some grammatically and punctuationally liberated titles, it looks pretty cool.

here is the link:

the new and improved iHouse TKD demo

and for those who might need this for the banquet, and those who didn't ever see, here's the first (and so far only) highlights video i made, when UCSD went to UCLA in the fall:

UCSD Highlights Video

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