Wednesday, June 6, 2007

money for thought

so i looked through my finances, and these are roughly the numbers i've spent on "Food" this year.

Total food:

Restaurant bills where i've paid for the whole tab on my credit card (and got cash):

Total food that i acutally ate (excluding above):
~ $862.21
This approximates the amount i spent on my credit card at restaurants, but omits whatever cost i actually incurred in the bills above

Total Spent at Trader Joe's:

Total Spent at Ralphs:

Total Spent at the local groceries (Trader Joes + Ralphs):

Total Spent on food, but not at Trader Joes or Ralphs:
$862.21 - $455.12 = $407.09
This estimates the money i spend eating out, but may include other grocery stores

Groceries per week, assuming 22 weeks

Restaurants per week
$18.50 this right? I don't seem to be spending much for food at all. Thus, the effect of cutting weight?

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