Tuesday, June 5, 2007

san diego, etc

what's with this weather, it's gray and blah here. especially in the morning. may gray brings june bloom, i guess, maybe a few days late. but seriously it's 75 and partly sunny in boston, humidity 68. here it's 60 and cloudy, and humidity 80. it's like the reverse.

but still, i looked on the NODC Coastal Water Temperature Guide and Scripps Pier is 64 degrees. that's water temperature that'll get you sweating in a wet suit. i'd been freezing my balls going surfing when it was 61 (i did it like once at 58 and OMFG) so now it looks like it's time to hit the beach again. but i would like some sun, one day.

of course, it looks blah at scripps right now.

so here are some things i've decided i have to do before leaving san diego.

1) get scuba certified
2) take the coaster down from encinitas to downtown. apparently it's scenic.
3) go to seaworld and the zoo again. use up my year pass.
4) visit coronado again.
5) go to mexico (past tj)
6) go wine tasting in temecula

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