Sunday, June 17, 2007

surfin and chefin, day 2

ah the things i can get accomplished when i have a weekend at home. meaning, pretty muching nothing, but surfing, then cooking and eating and getting drunk. yep, the following pictures represent a small, but necessary, part of my life.

today i went surfing again. ryan went home relatively early because the lack of a rashguard was making him uncomfortable, and the waves were a bit more choppy. still they were good waves, and i brought my camera out by myself this time, strapped around my neck along with my car keys and my puka shell necklace of st christopher, the patron saint of surfers.

there were times when the bonfires and barbeques smelled so good on the beach.

then when i got back home, the thought of beer was so good. when you surf, you leave STARVING. and because i was supposed to have rice yesterday, i decided to make some rice today. but because i had fettuccini yesterday, i decided to skip around and make the pork chops that's for something like day 5.

well, i reached a new level of chefdom. it's something like, at level 1, you can make ramen. at level 5, you learn to make scrambled eggs. at level 10, you can cook a whole spaghetti dinner. and at level 30, you learn to make a wine reduction.

so today basically i made pork chops and veggies, but also added basmati rice and broccoli. i heated the broccoli in the rice cooker as the rice was finishing. but the special touch was when i decided...hey there's a lot of bits of veggies and pork stuck to the pan, so i'm going to pour this shiraz in...what about cranberries? so then my masterpiece: pork with cranberry shiraz reduction with basmati rice. yum.

anyways, two beers for cooking, one glass of wine for eating. life is good.

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