Friday, June 8, 2007

drinking games

from through digg, it's Top 10 drunk multiplayer games.

after reading all the worthless news flying around, i've finally found something worthwhile.

and while i haven't played all these games, i definitely agree with the top four choices:

4. guitar hero 2
3. wii sports
2. halo 2
1. super mario smash bros

of course, from my personal experience, super mario double dash should be up there somewhere too. except for the fact that other than nathan, brandon and me, it becomes far too challenging to race well, especially rainbow road. especially after shots of soco 100.

and my favorite single player drunk game: oblivion iv.

karaoke revolution also tops the list. however, it's different because sometimes you have to be drunk to play it, otherwise you (conor) would NEVER sing.

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