Wednesday, June 13, 2007

housing hunt

craigslist is my temporary obsession as i start my housing search once again.

i have a dream house. it is located neatly between CW and MIT, near the shaws. has off street parking and a small grassy back yard. it is a 1 br place with a kitchen and a small living/dining room, and a separate bedroom.

of course this place does not exist at my price range. i don't even know if it exists at all. but as i'm searching, there are many places that sound like they'd be close, all of them somewhat farther, or smaller, or with less amenities.

here are some of the links:

one thing i discovered was that sublets often lead to potential lease renewals. and that means, if someone's moving early and desperately wants to get some of their rent back, they will sublet a very decent place for cheaper than usual rent. that doesn't mean the normal rent will be lower, but that means you might be able to secure a nice place for a small fee.

the search goes on. craigslist is my new woot.

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