Friday, June 15, 2007

toolin all night

tomorrow's a presentation day at work. some big money spenders are coming to see our current progress at the office. that that means we have to go from simulation to getting the apple scanner working on real trees (and fake apples) in the parking lot, and the orange scanning arm to work on real trees. at least to demo it, because we took pictures with the apple scanner.

so here we are at 1 AM, the office lights still on. sometimes i work late...but this time it's different because other people are still here. it gives it that familiar all-nighter feeling, even though it's only 1 and that's when people usually stop procrastinating at school and START.

but my favorite time is at around 10 or 11, when it seems everyone's starting to get tired for real, but you're not sure if the night's going to end at 12 or going on way later. and usually it's time for a food break because by now you probably haven't eaten since dinner. and sometimes you skip dinner.

so i'm at the point where i'm probably done, and even if i go home now it's no later than when i usually go to bed. but working through the whole night like this makes your brain tired, so at a point earlier tonight i stopped being able to think and solve problems. ah, how i've grown weak! used to be, a midnight meals break would kick start my mind again. not this time. but at least i'll remember that day when, during the afternoon i got to haul around fruit trees and heavy machinery, and in the evening i tooled to candlelight and fatty midnight snacks. i just need my typical black cherry diet pepsi and laverdes to be home again.

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