Monday, June 4, 2007

post tournament ritual

10 signs you just came back from a big tournament.

1. you eat a carnitas quesadilla from caliente for lunch
2. you buy a bag of trader joe's mandarin orange chicken
3. on tuesday night, you get drunk off of red wine while playing oblivion
4. you realize that a turkey, lettuce, tomato and pickle sandwich on wheat doesn't taste as good as it did the week before. neither does a fruit smoothie.
5. you walk with a limp
6. you can estimate your weight to within 1 lb before stepping on a scale
7. you don't wear a warmup and underarmor at practice
8. your goal for practice is to work on the 540

ok make that top 8 signs. nathan and alicia, please feel free to comment and add your own signs.

and even as the rest of us return to normal lives after the last qualifier, there are several people who are training in korea. it's like in dragon ball z. the small fry are doing their thing on earth, while goku and gohan and the really big dawgs are off in some strange planet, getting way, way better than we could hope to be.


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