Thursday, June 14, 2007

day 1: rotisserie chicken with baby greens and asparagus

ok, so here i start the men's fitness diet. it's not actually a diet, because i'm eating three times the variety i'd normally eat, twice the calories, and spending about 2.5 times the money. (i spent an even $50 at trader joes and ralph's tonight, but that included some extras like indian food and cereal.)

day 1 dinner: rotisserie chicken, baby greens salad, roast asparagus portabello and onions.

the last rotisserie chicken at ralphs was taken after i turned around and decided to buy it. so i substituted turkey wings instead. sounds ok, right? a larger bird must have more meat, and turkey's lean, healthy, full of taste, a good alternative to your everyday blah chicken. turns out baking turkey takes a lot of effort, and the meat was still hard to get to, and a bit chewy. not as good as precooked rotisserie, i think, which would be well worth the extra $3.

asparagus is tasty. my cooking skills, however, are still clearly lacking, as the rest of the veggies (portabello and onions) came out simply a bit soggy on the bottom, dry on the top, and overall not very tasty.

the trader joe's sauvignon blanc goes well with a white meat such as turkey. the baby greens, something i normally would not eat, and at $3.50 for 5 oz is not something i'd ever consider buying, was a tasty diversion from the usual salad. at the end of the night i'm left with a ziplock bag full of leftovers, homemade aioli (sauce for tortillas), and excitement for tomorrow's lunch.

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