Wednesday, February 18, 2009

twigs, flakes, & clusters

i am about to embark once again on that magical journey of self discovery. it's a journey not just to lose weight but also to discover just what your limits are, and how far someone can go in tricking themselves that they are motivated for real change before they realize that life is too short to eat twigs, flakes and clusters.

i last posted about trader joe's high fiber cereal maybe a year ago, maybe two...back then, it was simply called trader joe's high fiber cereal. yesterday, after browsing the meat section and before perusing the wines, i found myself in the cereal aisle again and was face to face with my nemesis in times of plenty and friend in times of dearth. this time my eye went to the box called "twigs, flakes and clusters", which actually had pictures of the components of the cereal that were made into smiley faces:

at least they are honest. the slightly sweetened cereal only tastes a bit more palatable than real twigs. of course, in time, that could change. at i know that each serving is 12 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. who knows what i've been getting with my salty ramen flavored oatmeal.

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