Wednesday, February 18, 2009

geographical idiot

sometimes i get the feeling that to become a better man, it might help to not be so worldly-ignorant. when i hear talk about israel bombing palestine, and droughts and deaths in nigeria, and venezuela promoting socialism, i realize that they are actually just names to me, and probably for the majority of americans they're just some far off place where trouble brews but will never hit home.

maybe a bit of geography knowledge will help us realize just how real the worlds' troubles are.


i'll start with an assessment of my familiarity with countries. here is a game that basically gives you cities and countries, and see if you know where in the world they are. i actually got one location (somewhere in ireland) exactly right - 0 km difference from my selected spot and the actual location. however, then i was presented with a place that was somewhere near new zealand, and i clicked in east europe. fail.

thanks to christine:

Free Poverty - play to donate water

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Anonymous said...

This game is helpful, too. I now know where a bunch of countries in eastern Europe are. :)