Thursday, February 26, 2009

online purchasing

i've made a bunch of online impulse purchases recently. actually, today. even though the economy is down, ecommerce is still going strong. amazon click-and-buy is dangerous. so is

this morning i saw that had a 25% cashback from, and since my old backpack had a melted arm strap and a broken zipper, i decided to drop $26 for a nice new boblebee bookbag. part of the reason was that i liked saying boblebee.

then christine sent me a link to snowboard helmets by bolle. when i see something discounted from $90 to $19, it's an automatic "purchase" response in my head, even if i'm not sure if i really want a snowboard helmet, even if i'm not sure that buying both an x-large and a medium will get me the right fit. (i wear a large.) maybe i can sell them online somewhere later. that's a hope.

lastly, i finally bought the mozart 99 essential masterpieces album from amazon. it's not a bad purchase ($3 for all the most wellknown mozart pieces?) of course, digital music sales are 100% profitable for a place such as amazon. there's nothing for them to produce! the danger, however, is that i purchased it through the "click to buy" button which suddenly took me to the downloads page. that means i'm charging things to my amazon credit card without any confirmation webpage that might stand between me and a more expensive impulse buy. online purchasing is dangerous. but while it's downloading, i'm listening to some really cool and really well-written rap by greydon square:

Scared of the Truth

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