Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hungry mornings

this morning i woke up hungry, which is a feeling i havent felt in a long time before. i got to work super excited about my cereal and milk. and that's when i realized that i was really motivated in cutting weight again.

last night it took monumental willpower to not consume the rest of the ravioli that i didn't finish for dinner. because even though it's just one bite, that usually leads to drinking some oj, which leads to eating something else. and besides, the real way to cut weight is simply to not eat after 7 pm. (i say 7 because i'm not home until after 6.)

but it's a really different feeling to be hungry in the morning, not just because it's a habit to eat a tasty breakfast, but to actually start to crave the feeling of cereal. i've only just started and i feel like my body's craving the meager carbs in every piece of bran flake. of course, then i went and ate all of my lunch at 11 am and afternoon rations at 12 pm. so i dont really have a right to say anymore right now. until tomorrow's morning, when i might be hungry again.

good luck to those competing at west point. i know what it is like to have to cut weight for the inctl (now the ectc) and i wish you strength to make it through the week.

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