Tuesday, February 10, 2009

perceptions are contextual

everything can seem good or bad depending on the context. the state of life you are in. for example, thefuckingweather.com tells it like it is: "38?! IT'S FUCKING COLD (fresh off the tap)". but to me, 38 is FUCKING AWESOME because i only have to wear two layers of jackets instead of 3.

also, i weighed myself at the gym today (to see if that lofty goal of bantamweight is even possible) and i am at 151.4. i'm also able to guess my weight pretty accurately based on how i look and feel. and 151.4 basically is a huzzah because recently i've been as high as 156.5, so it means i'm getting there. talk to me one year ago and 151.4 would have been the upper bound, and very undesirable. but now, it's far less than 156, and close enough to featherweight (the backup plan).

i'm sure there are other things that are radically different in their being good or bad based on the context. life is full of ups and downs. try to see the downs in the context when they'd be an up.

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