Wednesday, February 4, 2009

morning thoughts

  • obama is getting a lot of flak. it's like the opposing politicians are ignoring how shitty bush was and capitalizing on every little thing our current prez does. it's so clear, however, how different they are - obama admits to mistakes and is willing to change them. hope that his honesty won't just add more fuel to the fire.

  • i went to get my car fixed today - get a nonretracting seatbelt replaced, fix my cigarette lighter power outlet, replace my car splashguard. the first item should be under warranty, the other two i wanted estimates. so they try to charge me $98 for a diagnostic, and i walk. if i just wanted to get my seatbelt replaced (for free) it would have cost me $98. bullshit.

  • being an hour early gets you a front door parking spot.

  • our house has been delayed to march 17. i highly dislike banks (especially shady ones that deal with foreclosures) but i still can't pass on a good deal. however, i am getting more respect for lawyers, at least the one i've dealt with.

  • gmail does some magical address booking where if you enter an address and select the second one on the list enough times, it becomes the first one on the list. so if i type "jordan" and two items exist - and, after a few sent emails finally becomes the default when typing in the letters "jordan".

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