Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i haz a publikashun

this is a pretty shameless self plug but i ran across a website of one of my former supervisors, saul griffith, who is basically the most genius and awesome person i've ever known at MIT, despite having only known him for maybe 3 weeks. and my timing in joining joe jacobson's molecular machines lab was key, in getting my name into a publication by saul for his PhD.

Saul Griffith's Page

here is the video i made that contributed so greatly to his thesis (ha.) look, look, it's my shadow!

here is a
pdf to a draft of his paper
. I dont remember which journal it was published in - there might be a better version out there.
and those pictures are definitely mine - the crooked arrows are pretty signature of my handiwork.

there was an article on today - five things that you'd think would make you happy but dont. The 2nd one was Genius. and i keep thinking how true that might be. saul griffith has got to be a real genius - he's received the lemelson prize and is a macarthur fellow, among a huge list of other awards. and he is also a cofounder of Instructables, which i've used once in a while, as well as an advisor on Make magazine. to live among the rest of us, must be enormous boredom. except that he probably lives with a bunch of other genius, tan kite surfing australians.

and here i am, signing up for online classes in order to compete in taekwondo. but anyways, my name appears on a paper near saul griffith's name. yay!

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