Saturday, February 21, 2009


i realized today that my palate is very unrefined. that's how i can eat anything and enjoy it...but it's the same if you give me caviar and truffle polenta, or leftovers fried rice. yesterday i decided to experiment with tomato sauce - i made a onion, tomato, and garlic sauce with oregano, thyme and dill. of course, i couldn't taste any of the individual ingredients. who knows if oregano, thyme and dill are a good mix, and how much to put in it? in the end, i put a bit of white wine too, but the whole sauce just became too acidic and very tomato pastish. but still, it was tasty, with my spinach ravioli.

but when i started making pasta sauce with tomato paste, i realized that i had no idea how to put in the right ingredients. i want to be able to take all the basic ingredients - tomato paste, veggies, herbs, and tailor them to an infinite different shades of pasta goodness. however, now i just make an anything-goes pasta sauce, that will go well with any type of pasta, and which i eat either hot or cold, it doesn't matter, in the end it's all food to me. and that's how it's always been, but it has to change.

so here is my new resolution. i will be working to train my palate, and to be able to appreciate good food, and realize what is bad and perhaps not worth eating. and i will document it in a new food blog. i know, there are tons of foodie blogs out there, and i wont try to be unique. it'll just be a record of how i can finally discover how to eat again.

ps a few pictures i took with my camera. i think the same goes for my photography "palate" - it needs refinement, and will come with practice.

cumin and garlic pork chops, steamed broccoli and spinach ravioli with above sauce

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