Friday, February 6, 2009

history's strongest disciple kenichi

i've started yet another long manga series, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi and today my productivity has been zero. however, i've come to learn a lot about martial arts and life. a lot of the philosophy and theory that we actually learn in taekwondo is almost exactly the same as in this comic. when people read it, they probably think, "haha, how stereotypical, but it's kind of far fetched." actually, many quotes that struck me from the manga stood out because i could totally see somebody on the mit stkd team saying it. i will attempt to find a few lifelike scans from kenichi:

"Talented individuals, you can find them anywhere. What you have is conviction."

kensei ma tries to convince kenichi he is a love expert

after training with weapons genius shigure, a mere dagger is laughable. it's like kicking double hogu drills


Chapter 79 is a testament to what we always think during IAP and summer, that while we are training hard, our opponents are also training hard. Over the holidays, if you decide to take a break and slack off, that will put you into that much more of a disadvantage than if you assumed that your rivals are working to increase their strength and endurance and technique.

Until It's Worn Out

But, the upside is that while you are training hard and consistently, even if you don't see the radical improvement of your yellowbelt days, understand that the moment you return to the ring you will see that you've improved. To the MIT CW crew, your taekwondo has improved so much over IAP and I can tell. Keep it up. The ECTC will be amazed.

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