Thursday, April 12, 2007

ten ways to increase taekwondo club membership

since i read somewhere that even if you don't feel like writing a blog entry you should every night, and that the best way to pump out one that's interesting and easy to make is to use's my top 6 ways to make a club (ucsd) more popular. in no particular order. it would have been 10...but i ran out of ideas, lol

6. hand out flyers at the beginning of next quarter when freshmen are finding out the clubs available.
5. lower the intensity of practices or separate classes into competitive/traditional classes.
4. make cool videos to promote your sparring team.
3. kick in a public place, like out on the field in front of the dorms.
2. go to tapioca express every night after practice.
1. attract more girls. the guys will follow.

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