Monday, April 16, 2007


april 15, 5:30

i left the venue at 4:15. when i left the building the sun was still out, and i realized just how much extra time there was. just how much of life i'm still missing, and that once the main event is over there's still the rest of the world.

so basically i wandered around for a while and decided that being homeless sucks. i didn't have a second hotel night, so i had two bags of gear to carry around. hopefully i'll drop it off at jacky's tonight. but when you realize you have too much time and no destination...i don't really feel that it frees you. i think being directionless really makes you less free than if you have a destination or an origin.

but now i have an origin because i went back to my econolodge in the PSU campus and they were nice enough to open a room for me to leave my stuff. and now i'm sitting at the chit chat cafe drinking boba tea. the one i downed yesterday was so satisfying because i was starving/dying of thirst. the one i sipped today is so satisfying because i am in a college cafe sipping boba tea and writing emails. i almost savor the feeling because it's almost like boston.

and for once i have some time to explore a city that i have a tournament in. it's not just airport-hotel-venue-hotel-airport anymore. at least, not this time. i think that would be nice to make extra time to visit each place for real.

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