Monday, April 23, 2007

reaping earth day

yesterday (sunday april 22) was earthday. and i spent most of the weekend driving. i know, im a pretty bad treehugger. overall, the weekend was about consumption. i think i would have been happier staying home and not doing anything. but it was good to get out to hang out with steve, spar with jason, drive around with jack.

i feel like california stores have let me down. i spent too much of my time on the road looking for home depots, walmarts, and 99 cent stores. i dont usually like to drive away from home to go shopping so if i have something i want to buy i tend to wait until i make a trip to LA to buy it. yeah, not really local, but its on the way.

this time i had my eyes peeled for home depot, because they were giving away CFLs for earth day. technically it was 1 per person, because they were only giving away 1 million across the us. but when i was there none of the cashiers seemed to care, and this other guy was basically grabbing an armful of them. so i grabbed four - i figure i could use a few and maybe have one extra. rick, do you want it?

so thats my contribution to earthday. other than maybe a hundred pounds of green house gases. but i did increase my mileage, from like 28 to 31 because of highway driving. i know, this whole entry sounds like something a nonbeliever would say. and i feel bad about it. but thats life.

however, 99 cent stores disappointed me. i was on my way to buy more of the 99 cent wine from the dollar store. saturday night i managed to stumble onto one without any maps, and i grabbed two bottles, thinking i would sample them and then come back for more. however the next two i went to didnt have wine sections. i guess not every 99 cent store actually has a liquor license, which was a huge bummer. guess im sticking to two buck chuck (which actually i feel safer drinking, because i know its not made from any sketchy materials, like gasoline.)

and finally, the thought to leave with is this:

defragment your hard drives often. do it especially if you use bittorrent or other torrent downloaders. do it because right now my D drive just got 40 gigs cleared up on it (from the compression, i guess) and is a pretty shade of blue, whereas my C drive is painted red like a department store barcode being murdered. and it took me a night and day to defragment, but hopefully now my drives wont go WHIRRRWHIRR every time i move my mouse.

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