Friday, April 20, 2007

tapioca zen

yesterday mike said something that was really deep. he was complaining about the jasmine milk tea with pearl, because they had put in too many layers of boba. the boba was about four deep and he said it really should be only two deep. that's for maximum enjoyment because of the ideal mix. and then glory said "they should charge you more because they gave you extra boba." sometimes they do that. but then i said "they should charge you less because you're getting less of the drink." although the drink part itself is probably cheap enough not to matter. and either way, the ice is the real filler item - put in a lot of ice, get less boba AND milk tea.

but then mike said, "no, they should charge me less because of how far from the ideal this is from." and then i realized that sometimes you can't put a price on something because you can't quantify it. the cost of boba or milk tea doesn't really affect the price - it's really about how close to an ideal something is.

life is all about ideals. obviously there's some sort of perfect world, and for every situation there's an instance where it's just perfect. but life is imperfect and often we find ourselves on a slippery slope falling away from the ideal. and that's when you should complain about the price, or do something about it to climb back up.

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Alicia said...

You should go by the Chris Han rule: If you finish all of the liquid in your bubble tea without finishing the boba then you have to suck up all the remaining boba pearls into your mouth in one go before chewing and swallowing them all at once. (It's pretty damn hilarious to watch too, both Dan and Chris had to do it).