Thursday, April 26, 2007

kansas city this weekend

i think maybe this is officially as close to the close of the taekwondo season as you can get. ironically it's in the middle of senior nationals season for me. this weekend i will be off to Kansas City, MO for the 4th senior nationals qualifier. This one may be tough because the Collegiate Team Trials are being held in the same place the day before, so all of the big competitors at team trials will probably stay for the qualifiers too.

Well, i say, bring it on!!

at this point i've felt consistent improvement in each of my competitions. Like a new business, i have yet to make a profit (win a match) but i know that i will, if not this year, next year. and next year. and it brings me hope that i've seen people older than me qualify, and indeed dominate, in their divisions. so i'm not yet too old =P although my joints may say otherwise.

but looking back on it, i've done some ridiculous traveling this year. my mother has gotten over the fact that i buy airplane tickets once or twice a month. she's even gone from "another $200???" to "oh, it was only $200? that's pretty good." and my ucsd friends have gotten used to me leaving for the weekend. "which qualifier is it this time?" have fun at karaoke without me. I'll try to join in next time =/

A map of my taekwondo travels

i was playing around with google maps so i can visualize where all my money went. in the above map are all the tournaments i've been to recently. I haven't done much more interesting with it, like put down how much $$ i spent, etc. blah. also, i havent included my visits back to boston, and the bus trip to the INCTL tournament, and my eventual trip this may for Liza's wedding (and my birthday.) so, there's actually plenty more flying to do.

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Nathan said...

You left out the US Open in Miami.