Friday, April 6, 2007

lost and found

my bike helmet light apparatus has a use! aside from keeping my head safe and also helping to avoid large potholes, my helmet light lets me shine a bright led flashlight at anywhere i'm looking at on my bike. i feel like the biggest coolest nerd ever.

but the cool thing about it is, it also helped me pick up someone's keys on the ground. i don't know why people tend to drop shit near where i live but so far i've retrieved a wallet, a credit card by itself, and a set of keys. the wallet was easy to identify the owner because all their crap was in it, including a social security card. the credit card i had to just cut up because the bank was stupid and couldn't contact the person. and these keys have very bright identification - a picture of their dog and a key covered in disney's finding nemo pictures. but the cvs card they had didn't have any name/info on i won't be able to find the owner until they call me.

it's not that i am a good person, though. sure i hope a bit of the karma will come back, and one day i'll drop some stuff that someone will return to me, unharmed, unaltered, unlooted. but really the reason i pick these things up is that i like to hold your stuff in my hands. muhahaha. i like to know i have your wallet fool. even though i wont go through it except to look for a phone number...i have your keys and for a split second i am allowed to think of the possibility of driving off in your car. muhahaha. then i remember about karma and i decide to return it, eventually.

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