Wednesday, March 28, 2007

windows movie maker

wow. i never knew, but windows movie maker is really easy to use. it's my new best friend. one, it's fast. it loads clips, makes their audio, and exports them fast. much faster than's a tradeoff between customization and ease, i guess. but mostly, it actually creates the clips of each time you click record. so basically for everybody's matches, i can take around 5 or 6 clips, which will be neatly cut at the right moments, and put them on the timeline, and save them. it takes about 10 minutes per match. and unless i actually decide to do highlights again, this is all i need.


more for my own future reference, and since i havent bothered to learn how to use bookmarking software, here are a few interesting links about video editing software, specifically for windows movie maker now that i'm using it more:

DIY Guide to Windows Movie Maker - browsing the contents makes me think it's a layman's guide.

Adobe Forums: Creating wmv file - looked like there was some technogibberish. forums are good because they'll have actual examples of people's failures and successes.

Avid vs FCP vs Premiere - i've also begun to use avid...and suck at it.

Digital Video Computing Limited - looks like they have a lot of info on avid and adobe

so now i'm doing actually looking at old videos and seeing what i look like, how much i suck, what i need to change (which is like everything.) but i guess taekwondo is like school. you can't really cram the last three days and expect to pass an exam. it's kind of how forms is like flossing. you can't not floss for a month then do it twenty times the night before your doctor's appointment. so it's a good thing that i have mouthwash!!!