Thursday, March 22, 2007

driving pains

man i am irritable today.

i was on my phone while driving and basically completely overshot oceanside. then the highway from that point basically has no places to turn around. i passed one road thinking there's no way that'll let me turn around, because i don't see anything but mountains for the next couple of miles, so no overpass. i didnt even see the road, until it turned left and went under the highway.

then there was some sort of traffic stop, and the traffic basically stopped, and two patrolmen were scanning the cars for any hispanic looking people. one was stopped right in front of me, and had to get out his id, while all these old ladies drove by to my left. then there wasn't a uturn for another like 5 miles. i was 16 mi past oceanside by the time i started heading back.

then i got lost getting there. i need a gps system.

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