Monday, March 12, 2007

monday mornings

its monday morning and i'm at work at 9 am. oh wait, there was daylight savings time, it's actually 10 am. according to npr, daylight savings time is everyone's least favorite time change. what other time changes are there? i guess feb 29th is the second least favorite?

there's something about california that makes people drive nice cars. in LA last weekend i saw two lamborghinis, one at the street corner, one at a gas station. then this morning i see another one pass me on the right. i think i'm beginning to catch them in my eye - once you see a car that's lower than usual, sleeker than usual, more beautiful than usual, you realize it's a lamborghini, or a ferrari which i also saw this morning. of course there's the dealership next door - bentleys, mazerati's, whatever else nice cars are there. but i remember when i was a kid the diablo was my favorite car in my car collectors cards. i always imagined i'd have $200k to buy one.

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