Sunday, March 11, 2007

life in paradise

ok so it's not hawaii or costa rica or something like that but today was a pretty damn nice day in san diego. the weather was in the mid 70's, which (haha) was a little chilly when the wind blows. but the sun was out and it smelled like the time when spring transitions to summer, and the smell of suntan lotion and a chlorine pool made it feel great.

at one moment i was looking at the palm trees and ridiculously southern californian landscaping in the pool area and realized that i could close my eyes and pretend this was some sort of high end resort in dubai. there's palm trees, water, warmth, and really close by an actual ocean. even though i couldnt smell the salt i knew i would be able to find surf somewhere close by.

it's one of those days that makes you get up, be excited about life, then decide to not do anything important today at all.

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