Monday, March 5, 2007

musings between work and practice

the second episode of my webzine, or maybe webcomic is better. because it's taken me that long to finally run across a bad pun or joke and i don't actually have any other way to express it. but definitely going to fresh markets makes me eat healthy. or maybe it's just that i'm sick of lean cuisines and the such, and i'm still in my trippy partial vegetarian fad. (it's a backlash to when i was on the atkins.)

but look at what you get to enjoy as a "vegetarian!" given the lack of meat you look for delicious ways to compensate:

again, the most delicious, spreadable, perfectly sized avocados, for only $1 for 6. i've gotten into the habit of just spooning out slivers and placing them over toast much like the little slices over sushi. maybe that's just me being weird with food because i'm still in cutting mode...or, in taekwondo season.

the other thought of the day is a small bit of self congratulations on being money savvy: (yea right)

How to profit from 0% APR balance transfers

and no it's not some spam link i'm posting, it actually makes sense and has made me take a second look at all those fucking annoying "You are prequalified!" balance transfer checks they sent me.

I actually looked at one of the ones they sent today...and called Bank of America, asked about it, and was given a better offer. So i made a balance transfer of $5800 for 1% APR until Dec 07, and $75 fee. I think if i keep it going i MAKE money from this money...but knowing me i've fucked up majorly and instead of having a nice student loan now i have a straight out bank loan. WHAT HAVE I DONE?

but if i dont screw up and do things right for a change i'll have found the answer to all debts in america. provided you were going to pay it off anyways, but now you just get an even better rate, at least for a short period of time.

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