Thursday, March 22, 2007

strawberry season

spring is awesome. even if there's no boston winter and a haymarket to make you really appreciate fresh produce, just seeing the 2 for $4 strawberries at ralphs made me pop my smoothie.

which means i'll be having banana strawberry and yogurt (dannon light and fit, 20 for $10) smoothies soon. just in time to slim down for the beach. (nah, more like for cutting weight.) and to top it off i made it into whole foods at 9:54, just before they were closing, and found that they had wheat berries (wheat seeds) and i hope to be able to actually grow wheatgrass. and the oj was 40 cents off. lol


so what's up with the guys at trader joes? they're super anal about not letting people in when it's closing. i practically had to run through the door last time at like 2 mins before closing, but the whole foods guys were super cool about it. i mean both are so corporate anyways it's not worth saying one group is more down to earth. but whoever can provide me with wheatgrass, man. from what i read it reduces your blood pressure so much a lot of people can't even handle it the first time, they just pass out or go into a trance. sounds kind of like...weed grass.