Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a greener world

maybe it's just that i read more ecoblogs and notice environmental news more than other (political? scientific? entertainment-related?) news, but does it seem that the whole world is becoming more and more environmentally conscious? it's probably nothing to celebrate about, but i can pretty much swear that there's been more news about corporations changing for the better recently than before. either Al Gore and his documentary has actually really made a worldwide impact, or interest tracking technology has so pervaded our lives that "THEY" know i'm interested in positive environmental changes and have screwed with my radio and web news to reflect my interests. all for a nominal fee...your soul.

but this morning i was distracted as i drove out of the garage by news that Burger king is going to start using more free range chicken eggs and uncaged pork. immediately following that, there was an announcement that San Francisco is banning plastic grocery bags. of course then digg, treehugger, consumerist, and boingboing all report on those stories. i know that these sites are all closely related and probably get posts from each other, but still the fact that such stores are all on the top of the bloggable list is impressive.

other news: walmart is leading the way for large retail companies to join the green revolution. it's harder to hate walmart.

as such, we're still wasting away the planet's resources. but i guess it's a start to start hearing it all over the news.

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