Monday, June 29, 2009

day one in serbia


Today we arrived at Serbia at about 3 pm Serbia time. the whole country smelled different - it was slightly smokey, like an industrializing country city. you could see distant smoke stacks beside the shiny new universiade buildings.

when we went to baggage claim, the luggage was gone. all of the ones we checked in boston, including the big ones that contained all the team swag, and the small duffle bags that had our emergency clothes in case the big ones got lost. i knew we should have kept them out but laziness got the best of us, the air france got the rest.

i'm going to post the rest of the action on the mit sport tkd blog. so far there have been four days, one of travel, two of training and one of competition. i will update with photos soon.

also, alicia is writing a blog for the ncta, as well as our women's finweight anees.

Alicia's Blog
Anees Hasnain's Blog

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Han said...

Oh wow! Sorry to hear your luggage got lost! Hope you get it back. =( Luggage + elevator sounds like a bout of bad luck...but I'm sure things will turn around! =) Good luck competing!!! I'll be rooting for you guys here in Michigan! Haha.

~ Han