Wednesday, June 24, 2009

music technology

this morning, i began to enjoy music at work again. i saw a stupid music video about backwards music and subliminal messages. the last song was about how led zepplin's stairway to heaven has a message about satan, and suddenly i wanted to listen to stairway to heaven because it's just such a nice damn song. so i started playing with rhapsody and realized that you dont really need an mp3 player or your own music.

then i saw, through, a bunch of cool apps to do with interactive music. first, there's cold war kids, i've seen enough where you can select which instrument each person plays. the music gets resynced each time you switch an instrument so you can essentially play 256 variations of the song.

there's also labuat whose music is really calm and melodic, but basically you draw the music video by moving your mouse. what comes out of your mouse is set to the music but if feels like you're creating it.

then there's children collide's panoramic music video. this makes me think of the stuff i do at work with panoramic video views. but we're not nearly as cool because we don't have a soundtrack.

i also like all of this music. i think they pick good songs to go with good video effects and very creative use of technology.

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