Thursday, June 4, 2009

surf adventures

today (wednesday) i went on the last surfing trip with Z. we planned to hit up half moon bay again and wade into the waist high water to ride the shoulder height waves. (or are they waist high, measured from the surface?) this time z brought his own longboard and i used my own 3/2 wetsuit. it was actually sunny and slightly warm, though the water was colder or seemed colder to my feet than on monday.

after about 1.5 hours of awesome rolling waves, z went back to the car to get more wax. while i itched to use his longboard while he was gone, i just waited out two or three more waves while his board sat on the beach. then, he came back running to me and said,

"i can't find my keys."

when i went back with him to his car, the keys were no longer under the wheel well that we had thought. while wondering if a while animal mistook it for dinner and grabbed it, we saw also that his glove compartment was open and his gps was gone. then we kind of got nervous.

one thing i learned is that no one will ever stop for you on the road. i kept waving my hand at passerbys, and they all passed me while staring at me. seeing if i was a hot hitchhiker or not, i guess. but no one stopped to offer me a cellphone.

as i did this, i was thinking that if i were the thief, and didn't drive the car away, i would toss the keys right into the field next to where we parked. so i walked around to look for the key - and the first step i take, i see a large black lanyard with they keys on it. there was a bit of relief - the situation wasn't as bad as it could have been - and for a second that actually made it seem like everything was ok.

z found that his wallet and gps were stolen, and proceeded to call his bank and all the credit card companies. it turns out they had tried to make purchases of $700 at bloomingdales in the time it took us to get back into the car. fortunately, he was able to cancel the cards, and they didn't get to my wallet because it was hidden inside athletic shorts instead of pants. i was also extremely lucky that i didn't bring my d90 camera this time - even though it was such a beautiful day and sunny on the beach.

as z took care of his finances, i went back out into the waves. the water was about chest deep, the waves were maybe 2 ft, but rolled so beautifully. i caught several right at the start of its break. the water was a bit chilly but the sun and the high proportion of time i was standing up on my board made it all good.

later, Z and i went to stanford to drop off his board, and i got a chance to see the campus. the "oval" is such a nice, open, grassy sunny place, and i just wanted to join in on the ultimate frisbee there. it almost makes me want to go to school at stanford for something...anything.

and tonight, i went to fluid to see margaret bartend. there were definitely some noobs from her bartending class trying to serve up drinks. overall, i could tell that all the drinks were made by bartending students, and not ones that experienced much drinking in college. but it was a good time. and there are so many asians in general that i almost can't stand it. i demand to be unique, damnit!

tomorrow is just a chill day. i will be packing, and planning to leave cali and the norcal surf. this time i'm leaving with a surf rack, so rhode island longboarding is in the books for the near future.

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