Wednesday, July 1, 2009

day three thoughts

most of the details for day three, competition day 1, are at the mit sport tkd blog:

just a few more personal thoughts from today.

each time as the iranian team competed, they kept changing with a lot of vigor, Iran! Iran! Iran! I could almost imagine the same youths in the streets protesting the election. i almost wanted to chat with them about current events but i wasnt sure how political they wanted to be at this time and place, or which side they were on and whether talk would be taboo.

i also got my back adjusted today. my lower back cramp has been pretty severe for a few weeks now and i've gotten a lot of massage done on it. but with our doctor, she did a bunch of muscle work, and also did some adjusting to my spine. it was like being completely compressed under a pincer until the air bubbles in your popped. but it did feel pretty good.

just to get a sense of the facebook phenomenon, or perhaps the facebook scourge. stefan webb and i were waiting in the computer lounge where they provide a bunch of computers for people to use if they needed. it was a long wait, and people were standing around waiting for other people to finish whatever they were doing. and i looked around and every single person, except for one, was on facebook - people from spain, italy, switzerland, etc etc. one person was on some other social networking website that looked like facebook.

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