Monday, June 22, 2009

anticipation for SWUG

it hit me this morning that in a week, we're leaving for Serbia for the Summer World Universiade Games. i realized that my summer hadnt really happened yet because we've been pretty focused on training for this competition. even though it's not like we're cutting weight for sparring, there has been a lot of anticipation, and maybe its time to really begin to mentally prepare for it.

i also realized how many countries are coming to this competition. here is the training schedule that we'll be following once we get to serbia. there are a shit ton of countries on it. thing is, when i looked at the list, it really hit me that we're going to be competing against the top competitors in so many other nations. i didn't really get that feeling after the ncta collegiate championships, and not even at pan ams, because it was such a small tournament. this one, however, is big, and there's no room for slack anymore.

i am very nervous. but also very, very excited. i think the time is going to pass by so quickly, but it'll make such a deep impression. i'm dying of anticipation.


christine hsueh said...

that's the cutest little birdie mascot ever! :D

sparky said...

have fun :) swug is so fun, i wish i was going with you guys!