Thursday, March 26, 2009

training goals

i have been itching to kick recently. don't know what it is about spring break that actually makes you have more time even though you're not on spring break. maybe it's the fact that i know other people will have more time to kick and mit/cw practice won't be full of tired and hosed people. but i have a few training goals, not all of them for me personally:

-develop an isolated sidekick, so my body doesn't have to swing to get it high
-develop an effective attacking game
-become confident in headshots
-become more explosive and develop a multiple kick game
-train ty to have better footwork
-help cchin develop a turned over turning kick


sparky said...

your training goals aren't too different than mine. strangely, even when you make progress over time...they still seem to stay the same. looking forward to kicking with you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Haha, yaay! you still have to train me to have better footwork =)