Wednesday, March 11, 2009

herb garden

i've been growing some stuff in my room (legit stuff!) since the beginning of march. after valentines, i found a big empty hershey's chocolate box and cut holes in it, stuck some empty water bottles and made single serving terrariums for seeds. i always go through a phase where i go crazy buying herb seeds and imagine having a forest of greenery that would be delicious in any gourmet dishes i choose to create. but anyway even if that dream never comes true, there's a scent of spring in the air. my seeds started emerging out of the soil on march 4:

cilantro...really tall and spindly, maybe not enough sun

thyme. i never have enough.

sage, i've never used this before

others i'm growing are basil, rosemary, mint, as well as carrot, green bean and morning glory. the last two don't need any seeding and will grow as soon as they hit the soil outside.

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