Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i am van wilder

i have an inexplicable and unsatisfiable need to stay collegiate.

i came back from ncta collegiate nationals yesterday (sunday) and alicia and i made the US team for poomse. it hasn't hit me yet (i'm not sure if it will) but i feel like a lot of little decisions and maybes have led me to this point, which is frankly pretty amazing. the sparring went not as well as i could hope but about as well as i expected. but lake washington technical college has another few medals to its name.

and today was han's 21st bday. nothing much more atypical than my usual post tournament guitar hero and cocktail parties but i never seem to get any older than 21, even though every year i have another year's worth of experience being 21 years old.

what do i get out of it? i don't know, it's just somehow very deeply enjoyable at a base, instinctual level. maybe when my hair starts turning gray, it'll start to feel different.

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