Tuesday, March 10, 2009

manga formulae

i've been gone for a while because i've been busy at work and taking care of stuff, ie nationals registration. and i've been addicted to spelunky, no link here because it will destroy your life. but i've also been taking manga breaks, and as i started reading fairy tail (yesterday??) i suddenly realized that all the top mangas on onemanga that i've read have the exact same formulae, or follow very closely.

i'll just talk about the character design (because there are quite different ways they do character development and plot arcs). to me, all you need for a good manga (that someone like me enjoys) are the following characters:

1) goofy spiky-haired redhead adolescent-minded boy

Fairy Tail: Natsu

One piece: straw hat luffy (same mangaka as fairy tail)

bleach: ichigo


history's strongest disciple kenichi

2) perverted old master (sometimes more of a secondary character)

ma kensei from kenichi: maybe my current favorite

jiraiya, or ero-sennin

marakov is sort of pervy too

3) female characters: one younger, more positive, innocent girl, and one older, more mature girl with a dark past. both must have big boobs.

4) small animal type

gahhh..ran out of time


Anonymous said...

how is kakashi not the perverted sensei?

Anonymous said...

Just for you to know :

Fairy tail's mangaka is Mashima Hiro, One piece's mangaka is Eiichiro Oda.

They're close in the story, and in the characters but not even close in the name.

But Mashima Hiro is also doing the manga Rave.

See ya.