Friday, March 27, 2009

eyeshield 21

onemanga is destroying my life and awesome at the same time.

this time, i am finding inspiration from eyeshield 21. it is about american football in japan, but the essense is exactly the same as any martial arts manga. ie, one scrub who gets picked on except has amazing powers (sena vs kenichi), and one devilish guy who is behind the scenes in all of the protagonists' tribulations, but is ultimately a friend:

Niijima vs Hiruma

but the ultimate lesson today applies to anyone who has ever strived for a goal:

"All those who play on the field will have tasted defeat. There's no player in this world who has not lost before. However, the best player will give it everything he's got to stand up again. Ordinary players take a while to get back on their feet. While losers will remain flat on the field."
- University of Texas Longhorns coach Darrell Royal

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