Monday, July 14, 2008

this monday

this morning i had a near runin with the towing and cambridge parking nazis again. i was looking to park the car near my house when i realized that it was around the 2nd monday of the month, and the spaces that were all untaken were probably due to eventual street cleaning. then i looked at my phone to check the date: 7-19...but that's the third monday, for sure? maybe july 4th didn't count? fortunately some neighbor confirmed it and i spend another 10 minutes finding another spot. i really hope my car is still there when i return.

then i looked at my watch and it was now 7-25. or, rather, 7:25 am. so it was the 2nd monday after all.

on the other hand, my tech + superstition makes it a good day:

ba ba ba - fa fa fa!!

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Omar said...

i see how you don't read becca's e-mails.