Wednesday, July 30, 2008

here's to the new year

let us applaud the financial upswing of the new (fiscal/lease/school) year, starting september 1. i just received a small annual raise (my first, ever, haha) and, though nothing like a big promotion or new job, it feels pretty cool.

all of this, of course, is offset by many financial stumbles i've had recently dealing with credit card payments and overdrafts. bah. due to a chinese superstition, i'm unable to get rich because my fingers don't snugly nestle up with each other when i put my hands together, so money will always slip through my fingers.

but to cover that for next year, i've practically given myself a small raise as well by moving into a 2 br with omar. that cuts rent by almost half from what i was paying before. true, i've gone back to roommate living after a quiet year of owning 100% of the personal space of the apartment i lived in, but i think it should be fine. we'll get along great, we'll have more room to decorate/furnish, i'll actually have a kitchen and back yard, and we'll have a KITTEH!!

the housewarming party will be additional fun because of our slanted east cambridge floors.


Omar said...
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Omar said...

congrats on your raise bobby (soon to be roommate)!
everything will be simply awesome.