Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hunting season

apartment hunting, that is. we've started the mad dash to find a place to call home - and right now, that place could be anywhere. but now, being a current cambridge resident, i am receiving as many calls, if not more, from realtors as i am making calls to realtors. and the hardest part is knowing that the apartment i've loved for the past year is going to become someone else's getaway...and that i might not be able to find anything better.

but it's always important to move on and look toward the future. my motivation is primarily financial - i want to find a cheaper apartment that is as good as my current one. that'll be hard to find, considering the lucky central location to work (shuttle), mit taekwondo, cw taekwondo, and alicia's apartment. and the fortuitous existence of a window pseudo-balcony that allows me to indulge in my container gardening needs. but the lack of a real kitchen, the hope that i can miraculously find a city apartment with a sunny, rich garden, and the hope for hardwood floors without large cracks in it, keeps me searching.

looking back on it, maybe a few unfortunate parking accidents and bike thefts are the only scars that mar my memory of 456 putnam. but i'd like more - more luxury, more convenience, more financial freedom - hopefully without the costs. maybe i will sacrifice a bit of location, but i'm sure to find new things to love about the next apartment. moving on goes hand in hand with moving out...but maybe the next place will be a place where i can finally stop moving.

and look - here is my current place on craigslist!


Omar said...

good luck bobby
i'm sure you'll find a good place

mitrenegade said...

hahaha...i did. do you think it's a good place?